Violent Criminal Attorney

Engel & Martin, LLC has extensive experience representing individuals facing charges for felony crimes of violence, including:

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter and Negligent Homicide

  • Felonious Assault

  • Weapons Offenses

Few attorneys match the trial experience of Joshua Adam Engel and Mary K. Martin. As former prosecutors and now defense attorneys, they have a combined over 25 years of experience and have tried well over one hundred cases, including numerous felony jury trials. Few attorneys in private practice have Engel and Martin, LLC’s trial experience. The Firm’s attorneys have successfully litigated cases in state and federal courts throughout the country, and has tried close to 100 cases to a jury.

As a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, Engel and Martin have handled a number of high profile murder cases. One case handled by Engel involved the prosecution of a former police lieutenant who was accused of hiring people to break into his own home to stage a burglary. This case was featured on 48 hours in 2005. The feature was titled Scared to Death. Another case handled by both Engel and Martin jointly involved a possible Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity defense in a shaken baby case.

The attorneys of Engel & Martin, LLC employ both investigative and courtroom strategies to find and expose gaps in the government’s evidence. The Firm partners with experienced investigators and forensic experts to explore possible defenses, including, insanity and self-defense. The Firm also uses its experience in search and seizure law to explore the suppression of evidence on constitutional grounds. When the stakes are high, individuals facing the most serious crimes have trusted the attorneys of Engel & Martin to represent them aggressively in court.

Engel and Martin can be reached at 513-445-9600 or by email. New clients facing criminal charges should use the “Rapid Response” page to receive expedited attention.

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