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Joshua Adam Engel of Engel & Martin, LLC has significant experience in civil rights issues & leading Ohio civil rights attorney. Engel has represented clients in trial and appeals courts on constitutional and civil rights issues. Prior significant cases, including a case in the Ohio Supreme Court on the due process rights of juvenile offenders, can be found here. He has also written extensively on civil rights issues, including publishing a number of law review articles.

Recently, Engel played a lead role in bringing cases challenging the constitutionality of speed cameras installed by many Ohio communities, including Elmwood Place and Hamilton County, New Miami in Butler County, and the City of Dayton in Montgomery County. In those cases, Engel successfully obtained injunctions against two municipalities arguing that the speed cameras violated the due process rights of motorists.

Federal and state civil rights laws protect everyone in this country. These individual rights and liberties- which form the core of our democracy – are protected by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

These rights include the core rights protected by the First Amendment: Freedom of speech; Freedom of association and assembly; Freedom of the press; and Freedom of religion. Additional rights are also protected by the constitution, including: Due Process Rights – the right to fair treatment by the government; Privacy Rights – the right against unwarranted and unjustified governmental intrusion into personal matters; and Equal Protection Rights – the right to be free from unlawful discrimination.

The Constitution protects those who are suspected of committing or formally accused of crimes. These rights include: the right against unreasonable searches and seizures; the right to an attorney; and the right to be provided with Miranda Warnings before making custodial statements to the police.

Testimony Begins in Trial of Police Sergeant

Testimony Begins in Trial of Police Sergeant

The defense in a trial of a Miami Township Police Sergeant accused of assaulting a young woman in the police departments “explorer” program is “trying to show the 20-year-old as an immature, attention-seeking liar.”


The defense’s strategy is to go after her, portraying her as unprofessional and needy.

“Are you aware of [the woman’s] reputation of being immature?” Defense Attorney Joshua Engel asked [one witness].

Our civil rights attorneys brings years of experience when analyzing possible civil rights violations and civil rights cases in Ohio and nationally.

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