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Criminal Defense Attorney


As former prosecutors, the criminal attorneys at Engel & Martin, LLC bring a unique 360 degree perspective to handling criminal matters.

Business Litigation Attorney


Our firm’s goal is to advance and protect our clients’ interests in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Divorce and Family Law

We have helped revise the protection order forms used in every Ohio courthouse and speak on domestic violence and protection order issues.

Title IX Litigation Attorney

Title IX

Engel & Martin is recognized nationally as a leader in representing students facing sexual misconduct allegations on campus.

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Former Prosecutors

Experienced former prosecutors, trial lawyers, and appellate advocates.

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Nationally Recognized

The attorneys at Engel & Martin write and speak on cutting edge legal issues.

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Police Trusted

When police officers are in trouble, they come to Engel & Martin, LLC.

Testimonials & Successes

Engel & Martin

prepare for college disciplinary hearing

The Six Things to do to Prepare for a College Disciplinary Hearing

Unlike court cases, where protections for someone accused of wrongdoing are enshrined in the law, college disciplinary hearings often have minimal protections for the accused.  If you have been accused of misconduct at your college or university, that is

Experience and

Joshua Engel - Attorney

Engel Statement on Campus Sexual Assault Policy Revisions

The United States Education has rescinded key guidance documents governing campus sexual assault. By repealing the 2011 “Dear Colleague Letter,” the Department of Education took action to roll back a system that, at many schools, was criticized from treating accused students unfairly.

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