“I know . . . Engel to be professional, dedicated, and ethical.”

– Attorney

“Engel’s advice has been thoughtful, informed, and ethical.”

– Attorney and Former Client

“From the first phone conversation . . ., I had a prevailing sense of security and comfort knowing we had Josh [Engel] and Anne [Tamashasky] in our corner. . . My son was falsely accused of [allegation omitted for privacy], but was vindicated through the legal efforts and expertise of Engel & Martin.”

– Former Client

“I am appreciative, deeply, for the services. I know Anne [Tamashasky] worked hard. I’ve heard from court-staff how she was a gladiator . . .”

– Former Client

“Mary, Thank you for all of your hard work and effort. Our family greatly appreciates it.”

– Former Client

It is [the accused student’s] good fortune to have as their attorney Josh Engel, whose practice is largely centered on suing universities . . . on behalf of plaintiffs who faced discipline for sexual misconduct by campus disciplinary proceedings

– The Atlantic, June 1, 2018

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