Search and Seizure Issues Attorney

The attorneys at Engel & Martin, LLC are some of the most experienced lawyers in evaluating and challenging warrantless or illegal searches and seizures.

As former prosecutors with appellate experience, Joshua Adam Engel and Mary K. Martin know how police and prosecutors evaluate cases and decide whether to seek warrants. This experience allows Engel and Martin to effectively review a police search — which is sometimes the most viable defense available to a person charged with many crimes.

Some of the major search and seizure cases handled by the firm’s attorney’s include:

  • State v. Eash, 110 Ohio St. 3d 1235, 850 N.E.2d 1212 (2006) (amicus curiae; search warrant for child pornography matter; dismissed).
  • State v. Swift, 2014-Ohio-2004 (challenge to sufficiency of search warrant affidavit for marijuana cultivation based on trash pull and electricity usage).
  • State v. Young, 2005 WL 3097660 (challenge to search of property by probation officer that led to his convictions for illegal possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, illegal manufacture of drugs, and aggravated possession of drugs).

The first step in evaluating a warrantless police search is to determine whether the police are able to claim one of the “exceptions” to the warrant requirement of the United States Constitution. Each case presents a unique set of circumstances that must be evaluated in the context of evolving law. Joshua Adam Engel has been on the forefront of computer-related search and seizure issues, including authoring a number of law review articles on the topic.

Engel has been invited to speak on search a seizure issues by the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys’ Association and the Great Lakes Law Enforcement Exposition on multiple occasions.

Engel and Martin can be reached at 513-445-9600 or by email. New clients facing criminal charges should use the “ Rapid Response” page to receive expedited attention.

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