Joshua Adam Engel Ethics

I know . . . Engel to be an attorney who is very committed to public service. I know . . . Engel to be professional, dedicated, and ethical.” — an attorney who worked as an assistant prosecutor.


Engel’s advice “has been thoughtful, informed, and ethical.” — An attorney who is also a client.


An attorney who often opposed Engel in court has said: “I found him to be very courteous, professional, straightforward and honest.”


A former law enforcement officer has said: “I came to know Mr. Engel as an honest individual whose heart seems to be in the right place. He is someone who is willing to entertain others’ thoughts and ideas on a particular subject, even when different from his.”


An appeals court judge has stated, “Mr. Engel’s courtroom skills were recognized by members of the bench who appreciated his promptness, thoroughness and knowledge of evidentiary law. . . . In the years that I have known Mr. Engel, I have never had cause to question his ethics. I believe that his ethics are above reproach and that he is an extraordinarily caring and competent attorney.”

Engel was disciplined by the Ohio Supreme Court for an incident in 2010 involving the interception of emails at the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The Report of the Hearing Committee can be read here. The Hearing Committee noted that witnesses testified to Engel’s “honesty, integrity, and dedication” and noted “ample evidence of his past public service.” The Supreme Court Opinion is here. Engel accepts the Opinion but believes that the dissent of Justice Lundberg Stratton, who wrote that she saw “no justice” in the penalty imposed, was correct. A Motion for Reconsideration can be found here.


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