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Engel and Martin, LLC represents children and juveniles who have been charged with delinquency or violations of Ohio Criminal Laws. The attorneys at Engel & Martin, LLC have more than 25 years of combined experience in criminal defense and juvenile crime cases.

Many parents of children charged with violating the are rightly be concerned their child will go to a juvenile detention center or have a permanent criminal record. For this reason, it is important to hire an experienced juvenile court attorney to help the child avoid serious repercussions, including a possible criminal record and lasting effects on your child’s educational and employment opportunities.

  • Underage Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence (UOVI), or drunk driving
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP)
  • Juvenile Drug Crimes
  • Juvenile Fighting / Violent Crimes
  • Juvenile Stealing / Theft Crimes
  • Juvenile Vandalism / Property Offenses
  • Juvenile Sex Offenders

Mary K. Martin has significant experience in juvenile defense, including past work as a juvenile court prosecutor in Warren County. She is often called upon by the courts to represent juveniles in criminal matters, and has been involved in some significant juvenile law cases.

Juvenile Crimes Defense

Some of Martin’s notable cases include:

In re D.S., 111 Ohio St.3d 361, 2006-Ohio-5851. (whether a juvenile court may require a child who was found delinquent because of committing crimes of a sexual nature to submit to “full disclosure” polygraph examinations as a condition of community control).

State v. Simon, 2015-Ohio-97 (challenge to the constitutionality of Ohio’s mandatory bindover provision requiring certain juveniles to be tried as adults).

In re E.J., 2015-Ohio-731 (biological mother appealed from the decision of the Warren County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division, granting legal custody to the child’s paternal grandmother)

Martin provides effective, efficient and aggressive representation. A primary goal is to steer the disposition of the matter towards a positive rehabilitation program designed to prevent recidivism, or committing repeat offenses.

Martin can be reached at 513-445-9600 or by email. New clients facing criminal charges should use the “Rapid Response” page to receive expedited attention or visit our office at 4660 Duke Drive, Suite 101 Mason, Ohio 45040.

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