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Former Prosecutors Open Ohio Law Firm

Former Prosecutors Open Ohio Law Firm

Attorneys Joshua Adam Engel and Mary K. Martin, today announced the opening of Engel & Martin, LLC. Engel and Martin are former assistant prosecutors who now represent private businesses and individuals in federal and state courts across the nation.   Engel and Martin have successfully handled more than 100 appeals in the Ohio Supreme Court, the Federal Courts of Appeals, and other state supreme courts.

The new firm is on the leading edge of some of the most important legal issues today — including electronic search and seizure and student civil rights and due process. “We formed Engel & Martin” Engel said, “so that we can focus on cutting-edge legal issues such as the representation of students on college and university campuses facing Title IX sexual harassment investigations.” Engel has represented students nationwide in civil rights lawsuits against universities and was a featured speaker at a recent Washington, DC, Symposium on representing students accused of sexual assault.

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“I am most excited about the fact that we are the attorneys police officers choose when they need legal help,” Martin said. “Officers saw us in court as prosecutors, and now they are trusting us to represent them in civil and criminal matters.”

Engel and Martin most recently worked as “Of Counsel” to Michael K. Allen & Associates.

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