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Former Police Sergeant Not Guilty of Felony Sex Offenses

Former Police Sergeant Not Guilty of Felony Sex Offenses

After a two week jury trial, a Clermont County jury has found a former Miami Township police officer accused of groping and assaulting a woman during a ride-along last year not guilty of three felony sex offenses and a separate charge of assault.

The 18-year veteran police officer  was found guilty of misdemeanor offenses.

The jury found the officer not guilty of assault.

The officer has indicated that he intends to appeal based on a number pf evidentiary decisions made by the judge during the trial.

Channel 9:

[The Officer] has denied the allegations and said he wanted a trial to prove his innocence. The trial has lasted nearly two weeks and jurors spent two days deliberating the case.

Fox 19:

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Channel 12:


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