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Engel Representing Seminary Student in Disciplinary Records Dispute

Engel Representing Seminary Student in Disciplinary Records Dispute


Joshua Adam Engel is representing a seminary student in a dispute over educational records.  The seminary student was dismissed from a Columbus school without being provided a reason — a lawsuit seeks to compel the school to produce the student’s disciplinary records, as would be required under FERPA.

A man who planned to graduate next month from a Roman Catholic seminary on the Far North Side has filed a lawsuit that says he was expelled for alleged homosexual activity without being given the opportunity to defend himself or review the disciplinary investigation that led to his dismissal.

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“He had a calling to be a priest and had dedicated his life and his study to joining the priesthood,” Engel said. “It’s devastating enough to have that taken away. It’s almost unimaginably devastating to have that taken away without anyone telling you what you did wrong or having an opportunity to defend yourself.”

The lawsuit is currently pending in Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

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