Lawsuit Against UC

Engel and Martin, LLC is representing a University of Cincinnati football player accused of sexual assault who is suing the university and two administrators.  In the lawsuit, the player alleges that the disciplinary process that led to his suspension is unconstitutional and discriminatory.

Attorney Joshua Adam Engel has filed three lawsuits against the University of Cincinnati since last year that question the university’s Administrative Review Committee hearings.  Engel has also filed lawsuits against Ohio State University, Ohio University, Marietta College, and the University of Houston.

Engel told Fox19:  “It’s a process in which it’s impossible for a student to fairly defend themselves.  The hearings are pretty much kangaroo courts that are going to find you responsible and impose some kind of discipline whether it be suspension or expulsion.”

From WCPO:

This is the latest in several lawsuits filed by students against Ohio colleges and universities this year claiming that strict sexual misconduct policies are slanted in favor of female accusers. They claim the U.S. Department of Education’s crackdown on campus sexual assaults has forced schools to create unfair policies or risk losing federal funding.

“No student who has been accused of serious sexual misconduct at UC has ever been exonerated. You can’t win,” said Joshua Engel, an attorney for the football player, who is identified as John Doe in the lawsuit.

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