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Drunk driving charges are serious

Engel & Martin, LLC has unmatched experience in handling DUI/OVI matters. As prosecutors, the attorneys of Engel & Martin, LLC handled close to a thousand drunk driving cases, including motions to suppress and trials. Mary Martin later served as a state-wide resource prosecutor providing advice on DUI/OVI cases throughout Ohio. She ran the breath testing matching program for the Ohio Department of Health and has testified in dozens of courts statewide on breath testing machines.

A conviction of operating under the influence — referred to as OVI in Ohio — can have severe consequences, including a driver’s license suspension, fines, court fees, increased insurance rates, and jail time.
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Recent Supreme Court decisions on breath and blood testing Joshua Adam Engel and Mary Martin have been involved in a number of important decisions helping to shape OVI law.

State v. Thomas concerned the sufficiency of evidence for an OVI conviction after a suppression hearing.

In re State v. L.M concerned a OVI conviction for a juvenile offender

State v. Eyer concerned a motion to suppress evidence obtained from a breath alcohol test (BAC) in connection with a traffic stop

As experienced and skilled attorneys, Engel & Martin will work tirelessly to explore every possibility to lessen the potential exposure of clients — from seeking driving privileges or a stay of any license suspension, to motions to suppress the state’s evidence, to, if necessary, a trial.

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