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Misdemeanors can be a big deal. Although a person charged with a misdemeanor may not face the consequences of a felony conviction, misdemeanor convictions will still appear on background checks for prospective employers, applications for certain licenses, and more.

The attorneys at Engel & Martin, LLC approach every misdemeanor case with the dedication and attention to detail. As former prosecutors who tried hundreds, if not thousands, of misdemeanor cases, Joshua Adam Engeland Mary Martin know how to take the cases seriously. Their knowledge of criminal law from both sides allows them to be proactive and notice flaws in the case other attorneys might miss.

Misdemeanor cases handled by the Firm include:

  • Theft (including shoplifting)
  • Assault
  • Minor sex offenses
  • First Offense Domestic Violence
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Stalking and Telephone harassment
  • DUI/OVI (drunk driving)
  • Drug infractions
  • Sex offenses

In addition, Engel and Martin, LLC has significant experience handling traffic matters. These cases, charged as misdemeanors in Ohio, can have far reaching implications, including license suspensions and increased insurance rates. In many cases, the Firm is able to seek a reduction of the traffic offense to a non-moving violation, which can keep a driver’s record from further blemishes.

Joshua Engel has played a leading role in challenges to speed cameras throughout Ohio.

Engel and Martin can be reached at 513-445-9600 or by email. New clients facing criminal charges should use the “Rapid Response” page to receive expedited attention.

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