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Engel Calls for Settlement of Speed Cameras Case

Engel Calls for Settlement of Speed Cameras Case

The New Miami Speed Camera case is winding towards a resolution.

News reports suggests that interest on the unconstitutional fines has been calculated at $355,613, so the total amount owed to motorists now is $3.4 million.

Joshua Engel has called for New Miami to resolve this matter.  He told the News-Journal:

“We will be asking the court to order New Miami to immediately pay back all motorists, with interest,” Engel said. “Rather than continuing to drag this matter out for years in the Court of Appeals and spend another hundred thousand dollars on lawyers, we call on New Miami to finally acknowledge the decision of the court, accept responsibility for its unconstitutional scheme, and come to the table with a fair and just settlement offer that will allow people to receive payments immediately.”

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