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Columbus Red Light Cameras About the Money

Columbus Red Light Cameras About the Money

As we await an Ohio Supreme Court decision which may affect the ability of motorists to receive refunds from red light and speed camera fines, the Columbus Dispatch reports on the public records surrounding the implementation of red light cameras in Columbus.

The Columbus cameras have been controversial recently after the President of the private company operating the cameras, RedFlex, was indicted on federal charges.

The Dispatch reports:

When Columbus city officials began discussing expansion of the city’s red-light-camera program in 2008, Mayor Michael B. Coleman’s chief of staff didn’t ask how they could improve safety — he asked how much money the city would make. . . .

Thousands of documents obtained by The Dispatch through a recent records request show that the city’s eventual expansion of the program was almost entirely about the money.

Joshua Adam Engel Arguing Against Speed Cameras in Ohio
Joshua Adam Engel Arguing Against Speed Cameras in Ohio

Engel & Martin partner Joshua Adam Engel has been one of the lead attorneys challenging speed camera regulations throughout Ohio.  Engel, working with other attorneys, has obtained injunctions shutting down speed camera programs in Elmwood Place, Ohio and New Miami, Ohio.  A lawsuit challenging the cameras in Dayton, Trotwood, and New Carrollton is pending in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

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