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“There clearly is a problem on campuses” — Cincinnati Enquirer

“There clearly is a problem on campuses” — Cincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati Enquirer published an investigative piece on the issue of how schools handle allegations of sexual assault on campus.  Schools are reacting to Title IX Guidance provided by the Department of Education.

The article notes the increasing number of lawsuits against schools brought by students who believe the system is not fair.

Locally, UC and Miami University have federal complaints pending against them. In addition to the UC lawsuit, Miami has been sued by students at least three times for cases involving sexual assault since 2010 and Northern Kentucky University settled a lawsuit for $900,000 on Wednesday.


Joshua Engel was quoted in the article.

The problem is that universities are ill-equipped to handle sexual assault accusations, said Josh Engel, a defense attorney who represents accused students suing UC, Miami and other universities. He’s also a former prosecutor who has handled dozens of Title IX cases and put sex offenders in jail.

“Schools are being asked to act as police and prosecutors and judges and juries in what are the most complicated cases for the legal system to deal with,” Engel said. “You’re inevitably going to get mistakes.”

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Now it’s up to federal courts to assign responsibility for the deep dissatisfaction on both sides.

“There clearly is a problem on campuses,” attorney Engel said. “We have an obligation to solve it correctly. A lawsuit is an imperfect tool to try to fix that problem.”

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